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3 . 2020

Evaluation of cytokines IL-1β and IL-1Ra concentration in nasal secretion in patients with acute purulent rhinosinusitis during immune therapy of β-D-glucans


Introduction. Standard methods and medicines for treatment of acute purulent rhinosinusitis (APRS) do not possess immunomodulating activity that does not promote development of fast dynamics of the end of inflammatory process and knocking over of the basic symptoms of disease. The β-D-glucans mushrooms origin have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating activity. However, application of these biopolymers for treatment APRS is studied insufficiently.

The aim of the study - an assessment of a distribution of functional pair of cytokines IL-1Ra and IL-1β concentrations in nasal secrets in patients with APRS against application of antibiotics in a combination with β-D-glucans.

Material and methods. Patients have been divided into 4 independent groups. Group 1 consisted of 32 healthy ones. Group 2 consisted of 24 patients with APRS before treatment. Group 3 consisted of 22 patients with APRS who received standard therapy, including antibacterial drugs and puncture of the maxillary sinuses. Group 4 consisted of 24 patients who received β-D-glucans along with standard therapy. The total duration of therapy was 10 days. IL-1Ra and IL-1β concentrations in nasal secrets were defined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, ELISA.

Results. It is positioned that the qualitative visual estimation of shift of a projection of specified cytokines concentrations shows positive changes since by 10 day of treatment in group of the patients received combined therapy, the area of a projection of its concentration comes nearer to cytokines projection area in healthy people. Standard therapy does not lead to such effect, since the minimal impact on local changes of these cytokines levels.

Conclusion. Addition of a medicine containing immunomodulating component β-D-glucans to the APRS standard treatment is reasonable.

Keywords:β-D-glucans; acute rhinosinusitis; cytokines; IL-1β; IL-1Ra; immune correction therapy

For citation: Bezrukova E.V., Vorobeychikov E.V., Konusova V.G., Paschinin A.N., Simbirtsev A.S. Evaluation of cytokines IL-1β and IL-1Ra concentrations in nasal secretion in patients with acute purulent rhinosinusitis during immune therapy of β-D-glucans. Immunologiya. 2020, 41 (3): 227-34. DOI: 10.33029/0206-4952-2020-41-3-227-234 (in Russian)

Funding. The study had not sponsor support.

Conflict of interests. The authors declare no conflict of interests.


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Rakhim M. Khaitov
Аcademician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MD, Professor, Honoured Science Worker of the Russian Federation, Scientific Director of the NRC Institute of Immunology FMBA of Russia, Chief Allergist-Immunologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

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