Effects of interaction between circulating CD4+CCR6+ T cells and B-lymphocytes


Introduction. The chemokine receptor CCR6 is expressed on a portion of mature circulating CD4+CD45RO+-T-lymphocytes and gives them the potential to migrate into Peyer’s patches, inflamed gastrointestinal mucosa, and skin. The group of CD4+CD45RO+CCR6+ blood T-lymphocytes includes cells with various functions, in particular, pro-inflammatory T-helper-17 (Th17) and Th1, as well as anti-inflammatory FoxP3+ regulatory T cells. In addition, this group includes a small number of cells with the phenotype of follicular T-helper cells (fTh), professional stimulators of the humoral immune response.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the ability of blood CD4+CCR6+ T cells to help B-lymphocytes, as well as the response of T-helper subgroups to interaction with B cells.

Material and methods. Total pool of CD4+ T cells, CD4+CD45RO+CCR6+ T cells, or naive T-helper cells (nTh) were isolated from the blood of healthy adult donors, cultured with allogeneic B lymphocytes, and immunoglobulin production and T cell response were evaluated.

Results. It has been shown that mature CD4+CCR6+ T cells stimulate the production of IgM and IgG in mixed culture of T and B lymphocytes more strongly than nTh or total pool of CD4+ T cells. The interaction of CD4+CCR6+ T cells with B lymphocytes led to the expansion of Th17 and Th1/Th17 cells in culture without a noticeable increase in the number of Th1 and fTh cells. At the same time, nTh or undivided CD4+ T cells, activated by contact with allogeneic B lymphocytes, preferentially differentiate into fTh-like cells.

Conclusion. CD4+CCR6+ T cells effectively help B-lymphocytes, which is accompanied by the expansion of Th17 and Th1/Th17 cells, but not Th1 and fTh cells.

Keywords:immune response; follicular T-helper cells; T-helper-17 cells; B cells; antibody production

For citation: Talayev V.Yu., Voronina E.V., Svetlova M.V., Zaichenko I.Ye., Babaykina О.N. Effects of interaction between circulating CD4+CCR6+ T cells and B-lymphocytes. Immunologiya. 2022; 43 (3): 266–76. DOI: https://doi.org/10.33029/0206-4952-2022-43-3-266-276

Funding. The study was supported by RFBR, project No. 18-015-00028.

Conflict of interests. The authors declare no conflict of interests.

Authors contribution. Study design, article writing – Talayev V.Yu.; purification, cultivation and staining of cells – Voronina E.V.; cell purification and flow cytometry – Svetlova M.V.; cultivation and staining of cells, ELISA – Zaichenko I.Ye.; cell cultivation, ELISA – Babaykina O.N.


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Musa R. Khaitov

Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, MD, Professor, Director of the NRC Institute of Immunology FMBA of Russia

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