Phenotypic and functional characteristic analysis of THP-1 cell line as a model of infl ammation


Introduction. THP-1 cell line represents one of the common research models for monocyte/macrophage-mediated inflammation.

Aim – to study the properties of THP-1 monocytes activated with bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS), influenza virus strain A/Puerto Rico/8/34 (H1N1), and X-ray irradiation.

Material and methods. The cell phenotypic and functional profiles were studied with light microscopy, RT-PCR with reverse transcription, and flow cytometry.

Results. We determined that HSP90, HPRT, and GAPDH were suitable reference genes for mRNA expression normalization upon LPS, viral, or irradiation exposure, respectively. The gene metabolic markers of THP-1 cell responses to LPS (GAPDH), virus (HSP90, GAPDH), and irradiation (B2M) were determined suggesting the new targets for monocyte profiling in pathological inflammation. Finally, the comparison of pro-inflammatory cytokines and antigen-presenting activities of THP-1 cells showed the differential cytokine expression upon various stimuli.

Conclusion. The profiles of metabolic and functional activities can be further used for THP-1 and monocyte comparative analysis and confirm the utility of THP-1 cell line as a model of inflammation.

Keywords:THP-1; monocytes; inflammation; virus; radiotherapy; infection; housekeeping genes

For citation: Kokinos Е.K., Kuzmina D.О., Kuchur О.А., Tsymbal S.А., Vasilichin V.A., Galochkina A.V., Zavirskyi A.V., Basharin V.A., Shtro А.А., Shtil А.А., Dukhinova М.S. Phenotypic and functional characteristic analysis of THP-1 cell line as a model of inflammation. Immunologiya. 2022; 43 (3): 277–87. DOI: (in Russian)

Funding. This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Grant No. 20-75-10112).

Conflict of interests. Authors declare no conflict of interests.

Authors’ contribution. Study concept and design – Dukhinova M.S.; data generation and analysis – Kokinos Е.К., Kuzmina D.О., Kuchur О.А., Tsymbal S.A., Vasilichin V.A., Galochkina A.V., Zavirskyi A.V.; statistical analysis – Kokinos Е.К., Kuzmina D.О., Kuchur О.А., Vasilichin V.A., Tsymbal S.A.; text writing – Kokinos Е.К., Kuchur О.А., Tsymbal S.A.; text editing – Basharin V.A., Shtro А.А., Shtil А.А., Dukhinova М.S.


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Musa R. Khaitov

Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, MD, Professor, Director of the NRC Institute of Immunology FMBA of Russia

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