Immunotherapeutic role of interferon-γ at tuberculosis


Tuberculosis remains one of the most wide-spreading infections and its treatment presents serious difficulties due to the development of drug resistance of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the distribution of HIV-associated tuberculosis. The reaction of the human immune system to tuberculosis infection is complex and multi-stage, depending on the immune response tension different variants of the immune response can develop and interferon-γ (IFN-γ) is one of the key factors in its implementation. M. tuberculosis has the ability to inhibit the synthesis of IFN-γ that contributes to the progression of tuberculosis disease. The synthetic IFN-γ eliminates the deficiency of endogenous interferon and improves the clinical and economic efficiency of tuberculosis therapy by accelerating the termination of bacterial excretion and restoration the normal function of the respiratory system including in HIV-associated tuberculosis.

Keywords:tuberculosis; interferon-gamma; immunity; immunotropic therapy; cytokines

For citation: Balasaniants G.S., Ruzanov D.Yu. Immunotherapeutic role of interferon-γ in tuberculosis. Immunologiya. 2022; 43 (3): 343–51. DOI: (in Russian)

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